Extract anything. On any page. At any time.

Tap into accurate data from a single page or the entire web with Diffbot AI.

The web is the largest database in the world, but it's never been easy to extract data from.

Transform the web into data

Get any or all data from the web without the hassle and expense of web scraping or doing manual research.

Knowledge Graph

Query the web for rich connected entities

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Extract structured data from any URL with AI Extractors

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Scale up your extraction to 10,000s of domains with Crawlbot

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Diffbot Knowledge Graph

Tap into world鈥檚 most accurate, comprehensive, and deep interlinked database of :

Perform detailed searches on 10+ billion entities and get rich structured data from every web page in the world.

Discover the power of Diffbot Knowledge Graph

Diffbot AI Web Extraction

Automatic extraction delivers every piece of data from any website with ease.

AI technology retrieves clean, structured data
Extract data from millions of URLs in a single job
Never write another web scraper
There's no need to write rules on a per website basis
Discover the power of AI Web Extraction

Plug into the data that will help you grow

The web is the largest database in the world, but it鈥檚 never been easy to extract data from. Diffbot AI makes it easy to tap into accurate data from a single website, or the entire web.

What can you do with Diffbot?

Here are some of the countless applications for Diffbot鈥檚 unique web data extraction solutions:

Sales and Marketing

Close more deals, and do level up your marketing with better data from the web. Gather business intelligence. Build marketing applications.

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Business Intelligence

Knowledge Graph provides the accurate, complete and deep data from the web that BI needs to produce meaningful insights.

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Easily source ideal candidates with hyper-specific people searches.

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Developer's Best Friend

Diffbot provides a robust, easy-to-use REST API. Extensive documentation is available, and there's 30+ official Diffbot client libraries to make integration quick and painless regardless of platform or language.

Thousands of smart businesses rely on Diffbot

Developers, teams, and businesses of all sizes use Diffbot to source web data.